Alternative Dispute Resolution

Practice Description

Bob Katzenstein, Larry Cronin, Neal Belgam, and Kathy Miller often serve as arbitrators and mediators.

Bob is a member of the panel of commercial arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association and has served as an arbitrator in several AAA cases around the United States. Bob has completed Superior Court advanced mediation training.

Larry is also a member of the panel of commercial arbitrators of the AAA, has completed advanced mediation training from the Superior Court and is regularly asked to mediate employment related matters (both before and after litigation has been filed) due to his unique experience representing both employees and management in these types of disputes.

Neal is certified by the Delaware Courts as a mediator and has been appointed in numerous cases as a Special Master by the Delaware Superior Court and Court of Chancery. His appointments have involved a large docket of products liability cases, insurance coverage cases, complex commercial disputes and corporate valuation.

Kathy is a certified mediator and an approved mediator on the Register of Mediators for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. She is often appointed as the mediator on Delaware bankruptcy matters.


Neal C. Belgam